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Love At First Sight


Write a personal narrative that describes an important incident in your life. You can use one of the prompts below to get you thinking. Make sure you have an introduction and conclusion that "frame" the narrative and explain its significance. 

1. [Memory] Choose a vivid time from your childhood or adolescence . You might think of the first time you went on a date, or the first time you fell in love with someone. Narrate the events related to the memory that you've chosen so that your readers will understand why the event was important and memorable. 


Title: Love At First Sight
Length: 3 pages (843 Words)
Style: APA


Love at First Sight

Love is the first emotion we experience regardless of our definition of it. It could be when your parents first held you in their arms or the feeling you get when a special person in your life grabs your hand and pulls you aside then gives you a kiss. Sometimes, we fall in love but cannot explain exactly when or how it happened. The notion that one can fall in love at first sight may sound impossible to some people but I can confess it happens because it happened to me. There is that instant affectionate emotion one gets the first time they meet with another person. That is the feeling that I may describe as love at first sight because it happened to me. While you cannot quit admit that you are in love with the person or cannot say you love them, you want to be. Part of you is only interested in knowing them, to learn what they are, and how you can be part of their life. In this paper, I give a narrative description of my experience of love at first sight.


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