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Logistics And Supply Chain Management System


Facility Plan Layout:

25% of the square footage belongs to office area (including: receptionists, meeting rooms, customer service department, accounting department, IT server room, stationary area with locker and printers, CEO office include personal washroom, Financial Manager office, and men/women washroom

50% of the square footage belongs to storage area with racking system and staging or sorting area

25% of the footage belongs to the following department: receiving, warehousing, technical, pick, return, technician, packing, shipping, and 2 washrooms

Office Layout:

Receptionist, sitting area, and hanging closet for jackets

Customer Service Department

Accounting Department

Printers area and locker room for stationaries

Meeting Rooms (at least 2)

CEO office with washroom

Men and Ladies Washroom

IT Room

First Aid Station Area

Warehouse Layout:

— Receiving department

— Warehousing department:

— Warehouse manager office

— Lunchroom with vendor machine

— Men and Ladies washroom

— Pick department:

— Printer area

— Shelving system

— Sorting area

— Computer system

— Sorting area

— Returned Department

— Storage Area

— Racking System

— Technical Department

— Testing and fixing area

— Order Check for accuracy

— Quality Control area

— Shelving area

— Packing Department:

— Palletize

— Staging Area

— Shrink Wrap and Custom Packaging

Custom Packaging

Printers area

Computers Station

— Shipping Department:

— Computers Station

Here is the exact dimension of our Facility:

Warehouse Area in total:

Area one


Square Feet

Area two


Square Feet

Racking Area


Square Feet

Area three


Square Feet

TOTAL for Warehouse


Square Feet

Office area




Square Feet


Facility Building


Square Feet


Title: Logistics And Supply Chain Management System
Length: 1 pages (275 Words)
Style: APA


Logistics and Supply Chain Management System

Logistics Management Software is very important for any warehouse in order to track the stock that comes in for accountability as well as profit maximization. Accordingly, the software enables a warehouse automate its procedures as well as set up concrete operational procedures. This software smoothly integrates with the distribution center and ERP (Chow et al, 2006). Furthermore it ensures order fulfillment that enables the warehouse staff move products faster and reduces the labor costs as the products are not carried around manually.


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