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Living With Art


In  the Reading - 

ntro Living with Art:
"Living with art, Brancusi's photographs show us, [Brancusi] is making art live by letting it engage your attention, your imagination, your intelligence. Few of us, of course, can live with art the way Brancusi did. Yet we can choose to seek out encounters with art, to make it matter for thought and enjoyment, and to let it live in our imagination."

1 - From your experience with "living with art" in your environment, how do you respond to your encounters with art? 

"One reason for differences in perception is the immense amount of detail available for our attention at any given moment... Our mood influences what we notice and how we interpret it, as does the whole of our prior experience - the culture we grew up in, relationships we have had, places we have seen, knowledge we have accumulated."

2 - So how do your experiences and perceptions differ from that of others when you view objects, images and art? - Why?

Chapter 2 - Living with Art:

3 - Explain the author's term "outsider art". Discuss your personal experience with art of this type.

The author states: "Aesthetics, the branch of philosophy that studies art, also studies the nature of beauty. Many of us assume that a work of art should be beautiful, and even that art's entire purpose is to be beautiful."

4 - Why should we think that way, and is what we think true? Share your experience whereby you have experienced art that you found ugly or not beautiful.

5 - How do you respond to questions posed by 20th Century artists about the definition of "art"?

6 - How do you respond with the idea of including, "a painting, a sculpture, a video, an [art] installation, a website, a computer program, a concept, a performance, an action", even more that "may be presented and understood as art"?


Title: Living With Art
Length: 2 pages (678 Words)
Style: APA


Living with Art

Answer #1:

My encounters with art are based on the perceptions and visual appearances that a piece of art elicits. No environment would be beautiful or ugly without some form of art. For that reason, I have encountered both beautiful and ugly art. The only problem is that what I may perceive as beautiful may be perceived by another person as ugly. At the same time, my personal experiences with art, either negative or positive, determine my interpretation of the appearance of the piece of art. For instance, any piece of art that is located in an environment where I expect joy and fulfillment may appear beautiful regardless of how the other people perceive it.


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