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Literature Essay On Joy Harjo's Poem Remember


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Title: Literature Essay On Joy Harjo's Poem Remember
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: APA


Literature Essay on Joy Harjo's Poem Remember

The poem Remember by Joy Harjo is one of the poems that not only fits high school curriculum but also offers important life lessons. Through his poem, the poetess Joy Harjo aims at instilling a sense of gratitude in people towards everything that constitutestheir environment. The poem explains the manner in which people are linked to each other and the natural environment. In order to achieve peace and harmony, it is vital to “remember” how we as humans owe our existence to the elements constituting the surroundings. Indispensable elements of every individual's life are parents, plants, animals, as well as other natural phenomenon that effect one's living, including the sky, the sun, the moon, and the wind. Concisely, human beings owe their existence to the entire universe.


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