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Linda Barry And Chitra Divakaruni’s Childhood


Barry, “The Sanctuary of School,” and Divakaruni, “The Smell of Childhood Never Fades” write about lessons learned from their childhood. Both authors had very different experiences; yet, each author imparts the wisdom from adults (whether parents or others) in providing life-long traits that were important to their success as adults. Provide at least two (2) examples from each essay and discuss how each author expresses this issue.


Title: Linda Barry And Chitra Divakaruni’s Childhood
Length: 2 pages (626 Words)
Style: MLA


Lessons Linda Barry and Chitra Divakaruni’s Childhood

Before writers begin writing, a purpose is laid down and strategies selected to achieve the purposes. For example, Linda Barry persuades the reader to value and support public schools by using her personal experience from childhood to make the larger point. She uses imagery, detail, and selects words to draw the reader’s attention to her writing by revealing why she desires that each child make school their sanctuary if they are troubled with problems at home. Conversely, Divakaruni also uses scents from her childhood to inform the reader about the value of relationships that one may have had growing up. Together, Barry and Divakaruni both use details from their childhood to impart lessons on what life long traits are important to the success of adults as the essay details. 

Linda Barry felt that she did not fit in schools just as home. Yet, she proceeded to become the first in her family to make it to college from her excellent grades. There, Linda began drawing comic strips on her own life experiences and published them in school newspapers. After finishing college, Barry struggled to find what to do with her life and how she could support herself. After being hired, she gained a nationwide following. Reading through Barry’s essay reveals the conditions in her environment that cause her to behave the way she does. Barry makes sure she gives the reader a clear picture of her childhood using vivid and interesting imagery that keep the reader glued to the suspense. Whereas her family neglected her, she goes on to describe school as her sanctuary and describes how school helped her.


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