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Assume you are a state legislator voting on the following bills:

  1. A bill requiring persons who ride on motorcycles to wear protective helmets.
  2. A bill requiring corporations that produce food or beverages for
  3. Public consumption to place warning labels on products known to contain
  4. Cancer causing agents.
  5. A bill requiring couples applying for a marriage license to undergo
  6. Twelve hours of psychological counseling and testing before the license
  7. Is granted so they can better determine whether marriage is appropriate for them.
  8. A bill prohibiting any person from smoking tobacco.
  9. A bill prohibiting any person from smoking tobacco in public places.

In a one to two page paper, with at least a paragraph for each bill, state the likely viewpoints favoring the bill (the pros) as well as those opposing the bill (the cons), and tell whether you would vote for or against it and explain the reasons for your decision. You must attempt to incorporate principles from your assigned reading in the textbook.

2.Your paper should be the correct length, grammatically correct, and any sources cited should be in accordance with APA standards.


Title: Legislation
Length: 1 pages (275 Words)
Style: APA


Legislation on Helmets

Approximately 80% of motorcycle accidents end up with an injury or death (Obenski, 2007). In that sense, I would support the bill to make it mandatory for cyclists to wear helmets when on the ride. In contrast, it is evident that there is also a greater risk of getting head injury from a car accident. As a result, if the fundamental reason for forcing motorcyclists to wear helmets is to prevent head injuries, then the legislation should as well include cars and pedestrians.


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