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Learning To Accept Myself And Embrace My Weaknesses


Please write from the perspective of an 18 year old male.Please refer to the attachment for writing instructions, thank you!Your completed essay must be...• based solely on your own, first-hand personal experience(s)• told from the first-person point of view, using the pronoun “I”• between 750 and 2500 words###bb###told from your thoughts and memories.In short, this essay should be about you and your experience(s).The specific focus is up to you.


Title: Learning To Accept Myself And Embrace My Weaknesses
Length: 4 pages (1200 Words)
Style: MLA


Learning to Accept Myself and Embrace my Weaknesses

There are the times when I sit alone and tend to rewind my life as a tape. I review my decisions and consequences that came with them. More often, I smile at my achievements. I tell myself, “I knew I would make it. I knew that would work. Wow, I’m good.” I feel good at the thought of the positive achievement I made. However, this changes when I review the negative things in my life, starting with my failures. On the contrary, memories of how I failed results into a feeling of uselessness, and I blame myself that I did not achieve something.

This process taints my mind with negative energy towards myself. I become my worst enemy and question my creator for the events and things that caused my predicament. With disgust, I remind myself of all my past failures, and the process eliminates the thought of being an achiever. I feel I should be ashamed of myself. For instance, this happened when I failed to score better marks than my classmates. Also, I felt ashamed that I was not the smart kid in school, and I did not have friends to hang out with during concerts. This made me feel like a loser. At such moments in life, I tend to hide in a dark corner and avoid people. I interact and speak less, I keep my demons and fear dealing with them, and I accept that I lost. 


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