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English 101 6 Pages

Learning A Second Language


What does it mean to advocate for something? 

What have the student organizations you have researched this semester advocated for?

What do you want to advocate for? 

What matters to you? 

What inspires or might inspire you to action or participation?


Title: Learning A Second Language
Length: 6 pages (1854 Words)
Style: MLA


Language is an important component of everyday lives of human beings of any race, region, and creed of the world. Language enables people to express their desires, queries, and feelings of the world round them (Susan 241). In this case, tone, gestures, and words are used in order to display a wide range of emotions. The unique methods of communication used by human beings enable them to harness their ability to create lasting bonds with other people. Although human beings have perfected the art of communication, mistranslations and misunderstandings are common. 


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