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Leadership/ Management Issues


Based on recent news clipping on Leadership/management issue related to hospitality industry. Answer the following questions

  1. Briefly describe the leadership issue presented in the clipping,
  2. Analyze the issue with relevant knowledge you learnt from this course
  3. Discuss the implication of the clipping from a leadership management perspective.

Title: Leadership/ Management Issues
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: APA


1. Briefly, describe the leadership issue presented in the clipping

Malaysia Airlines Chief Executive Officer resolved to reassign on September in light of personal reasons. The CEO Christoph Mueller had only served for one year as opposed to the three-year contract signed with the airline. He had been assigned with the turnaround of ailing the Malaysia Airlines Berhad. The CEO’S decision to resign shocked not only the government but also the industry at large. Christoph Mueller was appointed after the loss of MH370 in the Indian Ocean in 2014 and has from that day been able to cut around 6000 jobs, paid much focus on profitable routes and has significantly directed efforts in developing the Kuala Lumpur as a regional hub (Raghuvanshi & Ngui, 2016).


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