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Leadership In Dynamic Technological Environment


Leadership in dynamic Technological Environment Research Paper 

Analyze the performance of leadership of an organization. The focus of this paper (4 Pages) will be on the actions taken by the corporate leadership as a reaction to technological innovation in the marketplace.  

For the purpose of assurance of learning, one source will be given, based on the analysis of behavior of corporate leadership in the area of changing design processes and technology as a result of innovation in the marketplace.


Title: Leadership In Dynamic Technological Environment
Length: 4 pages (1225 Words)
Style: APA


Leadership in dynamic Technological Environment


Effective leadership must put to consideration the innovative aspects of corporate management. In the modern world, innovation and technological advancements are the two major factors that enhance the growth and globalization of businesses. Corporate leaders must encourage innovation and technological growth in all dimensions of corporate management. This includes encouraging the corporate staff to share information, ideas, innovative skills, and knowledge. Another way that corporate management encourages innovative and technological growth in organizations is through the motivation of the corporate workforce. The employees need to be motivated to deliver to their maximum. Corporate leaders must also demonstrate innovative skills and encourage technological growth by acting as role models. They must share innovative ideas and recognize suggestions and knowledge sharing among the employees. This also includes the inclusion of all the employees in all the corporate levels in making decisions that touch on the production and operational processes of the organization in question.


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