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Leadership Ethics And Diversity And The Media


Leadership Ethics and Diversity Case Chick-Fil-A and the Media


Title: Leadership Ethics And Diversity And The Media
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Chick-Fil- A and the Media Case Study

The case study highlights on some of the controversial issues facing the corporate world. It analyses some of the potential consequences of taking a given stand that would out rightly seem prejudiced. Chick-Fil- A Company was grappling with the diversity issues such as religious practices and same sex marriages. The decision by the company to take a stand against same sex marriage resulted in media frenzy and thus led to boycott of some of its restaurants in certain states. Celebrities who often command a huge following took it to the social media platforms to express their outage or rather concern of the position held by the management of the company concerning diversity and human rights (Harvey & Allard, 2014). The founder of the company could only afford support from few agencies that supported marriages from a biblical perspective, however, due to the large public and media outburst, the company wrote on its Facebook page that it is dedicated to serving every person equally irrespective of race, religion, marriage, gender and among other factors.


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