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Leadership Development Plan


Prepare an Individual Leadership Development Plan Presentation.


Title: Leadership Development Plan
Length: 2 pages (750 Words)
Style: APA



  • The development plan entails learning the values of good leadership, analyzing their importance, and implementing them in the day-to-day activities. 
  • The development plan in the paper entails a plan on how to adopt good leadership traits and skills. 
  • Among the goals reported in the project is the adoption of time management skills, effective communication, and team work capabilities.

Feedback Instruments

  • The project was informed by the inspiration and goals for leadership that starts with oneself before extending to others. 
  • After thorough research in the topic of leadership, it was understood that good leaders are those who start by developing a plan and strategy of performance as well as setting the short-term and the long-term performance goals (Caroselli, 2000). 
  • Research in the field of leadership has also informed that a leader must have a mental plan outlining important leadership strategies and plans before their implementation.

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