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Leaders Vs. Managers Are They Really Different?


Write a paper on Leaders vs. Managers. Are they really different?


Title: Leaders Vs. Managers Are They Really Different?
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Leadership and Management

Leadership and management are two concepts in the business world which must go hand in hand. The distinction between these two concepts is most of the time ignored or underappreciated. As such this has led to many people wrongly using the terms leadership and management interchangeably. Management simply put refers to the process of planning, organizing and controlling while leadership refers to the process of inspiring and motivating. 

The difference in this two concepts and terms is even more undistinguishable in the current new economy. The new economy is characterized by workers with increased knowledge levels and workers who are no longer undistinguishable cogs in the administration of a company. In truth, many employees are now looking to the management not only for administration of tasks but also for inspiration and definition of purpose (Gomez, 2008). 

This has made managers assume the role of leaders something that was unheard off in the past. This paper will attempt to look at the concept of leadership and management with the purpose of analyzing their differences and similarities. Lastly, the paper will attempt to draw a conclusion on whether leaders and managers are indeed the same or they are different.


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