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Criminal law 2 Pages

Law Enforcement In Iceland


How are law enforcement agencies in your assigned country organized? How is power distributed? What policing models are used?

What incidents of police activity are reported with regard to this nation? What is the image of the police there? Are there particular cases involving the police that have received notoriety?


Title: Law Enforcement In Iceland
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Law Enforcement

Answer One

The law enforcement in the Republic of Iceland is divided into two categories, namely the Iceland Coast Guard and the National law enforcement Agencies of Iceland. The Iceland Coast Guard is responsible for the country’s coastal defense as well as aeronautical and maritime search and rescue. The agency also maintains the country’s Air Defense System which carries out ground surveillance of the state’s air space. The other category namely the National law enforcement agencies of Iceland is composed of three agencies namely the Directorate of Customs, the Icelandic Police, and the Icelandic Prison Service. The Directorate of Customs monitors not only the collection of custom studies, but also looks into the detection of smuggling and confiscation of counterfeit items entering the country, while the Icelandic Police are of course responsible for the enforcement of law throughout the country. Finally, the Icelandic prison service acts as a national correctional agency for the Republic of Iceland.


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