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Language And History Change


What are the major factors that bring changes within a language? Discuss, with relevant references and examples from a language you are familiar with.


Title: Language And History Change
Length: 3 pages (950 Words)
Style: APA


The history and change of Spanish highlight the conceived account of the internal development of the language. Further, the history involves a discussion of how Spanish phonology, vocabulary, morph-syntax, and the meanings of words have evolved. In other words, there is a historical grammar of the Spanish language. Most languages in Europe are the descendants of ancient parent languages that existed many years ago (Lucid, 2008).Additionally, variability is the most pervasive and fundamental facet of language. Moreover, its study today is a very prolific field of linguistic research. Thus, the Spanish language has changed over time.

Spanish is part of the Indo-European group of languages. Notably, the languages spoken around the world today are believed to be derived from a proto-Indo-European language. The earliest reconstructable ancestor of this language family was spoken approximately 5,000 years ago in the area of Black Sea (Penny, 2005, p. 2).Additionally, Latin is the ancestor of Spanish in the sense that there is a logic of an unbroken chain of speakers who learn their language from contemporaries and parents stretching from the people of the Roman Empire, two thousand years ago, to the current day population of the Spanish world. Thus, it is customary to begin Spanish study with the stage of Latin (Pharies, 2007, p. 2).Today, Spanish is spoken in many parts of the world such as Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Panama. However, every region has put its mark on the language. Linguistically, there are minor changes that have evolved over the entire Spanish history.

The common factors that cause language change include sociolinguistic, psycholinguistic, and therapeutic(Lucid, 2008). Firstly, sociolinguistic changes are caused by foreign and random fluctuations, social stratum, ethnicity, regional provenance, social network, gender, and foreign influence.


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