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Ethics 3 Pages

Lack Of Participation In Community Development


Pick a moral problem or a case in business that we have not already analyzed in any detail in class.  A moral problem is one in which there is some difference of opinion on what is right and wrong.  The issue is not clear cut and there is no consensus about it.  Similarly, a case should be one about which there is some debate.  

Write a paper arguing to a conclusion about the morality of the problem or the case you have chosen.  The problem may consist either of a general issue of policy or a specific issue that is found in a case you analyze. 


Title: Lack Of Participation In Community Development
Length: 3 pages (825 Words)
Style: MLA


Is the Lack of Participation in Community Development a Lack of Corporate Social Responsibility?

Corporate social responsibility is the initiative taken by organizations to take accountability for the effects of the company’s operations on the social well-being and environmental factors. This includes the efforts that go beyond the basic operations of the organization for the sake of the community. In this case, the organization in question does things to ensure that it does not degrade the environment or affect the social lives of the society. However, some people have taken corporate social responsibility to imply incurring costs that do not promise or provide an immediate financial benefit to the company for the sake of the promotion of a positive life in the society.


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