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Labor Disputes And The Sides Of The Bargaining Table


Labor Disputes and the Sides of the Bargaining Table

Professional sports are greatly influenced by collective bargaining agreements, where ownership and players have different perspectives and arguments. 

Using your personal experiences, research from the course text, and at least two outside scholarly sources, complete a two-to three-page APA style formatted paper (not including the title and reference page). In a narrative format, the paper must include:

  • An examination of the background of the 2004-2005 National Hockey League (NHL) lockout.
  • A description of the major issues involved in the 2004-2005 NHL hockey lockout.
  • An analysis of what side of the bargaining table you agree with, players or owners.

Title: Labor Disputes And The Sides Of The Bargaining Table
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: APA


Labor Disputes and the Sides of the Bargaining Table

The collective bargaining agreements in light of professional sports pertain to the covenants that exist between the plays and owners of different leagues. The arrangements lead to the establishment of certain elements concerning the operation of the sports events, particularly, salaries, restrictions on the mobility of players, disciplinary rules, and revenue sharing. On the other hand, labor disputes related to those issues that come up in between league owners and professional players in the course working. The challenges pertain to issues of compensation, working relationships, and player positioning. The National Hockey League case will help to develop an understanding of labor disputes and the sides of the bargaining table in professional sports.


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