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Knowledge Management


Read & analyse the case attached. the paper must include 1. Title page 

2. Table of content 

3. Executive summary 

4. State the problem (what went wrong with the practice or the solution) 

5. Alternative solutions & analysis 

6. Conclusion & recommendations (what do you think?)



Title: Knowledge Management
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: MLA


Knowledge Management

1.Executive Summary

Knowledge management (KM) involves a wide range of activities designed to manage, exchange, create or enhance intellectual assets within an organization. There is no widespread agreement on what KM actually is (Knox et al, 2003). It uses tools to increase, renew, share or improve the use of knowledge in an organization.

2. Statement of problem

While the abstract by Morten T. Hansen and company on “what’s your strategy on managing knowledge?” focuses on two main strategies; the personalization strategy and the codification strategy, there are many more efficient ways to manage knowledge in an organization. The abstract insists on adoption of either one of the strategies rather than straddling the two as this only leads to extra costs that could be focused on one method. However, both strategies have their own problems. For the codification strategy; it requires high level of IT and is expensive to create and maintain. The personalization strategy consumes a lot of time with face-to-face consultations and makes it hard to hire new consultants in a short period of time. Different strategies call for different employees-organizations implementing the personalization strategy only employ M.B.A graduates- at McKinsey and Bain, 1 out of 60 applicants may get an offer(Morten et al 46). This is because they require new knowledge to be brought into the organization by these fresh minds.


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