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Literature 8 Pages

Karen Blixen (Pen Name Isak Dinesen)


For this project, you will do research on one travel writer you find particularly interesting, write a 7-8 page essay, and share your findings with the class. In the essay, please discuss the following: 

Biographical/background information, and the writer’s typical subjects/topics, distinctive style, and place in the genre of travel writing. I would also like you to discuss your opinions about the writer’s work as well as the published critical reception – in other words, what the reviewers and critics are saying about the work.

Although the tone, style, and shape of your essay may be creative and personal (and it should be written well!), this is also a research assignment (one of the requirements of the Advanced Writing courses and of course good practice!), one that should demonstrate your knowledge of MLA guidelines and your ability to find, read, and understand relevant, credible sources. It should demonstrate your ability to reference and cite sources, to quote, paraphrase, and summarize clearly and accurately, and to write a properly formatted annotated bibliography (we will do assignments that gradually build your bibliography, as you see below).


Title: Karen Blixen (Pen Name Isak Dinesen)
Length: 8 pages (2406 Words)
Style: MLA


Karen Blixen (pen name Isak Dinesen)

Karen Blixen was a renowned Danish writer of the previous century with a range of works read by many people worldwide. Some of her famous writings include Seven Gothic Tales, The Angelic Avengers, Winters Tales, Last Tales, Letters from Africa, and Out of Africa among others (Boynton, & Jo 199). Out of Africais most populous book and Karen’s work has attracted mixed views from other writers. George Saul praises her keen observations, friendly relations and unusual tales described with a sense of personal recollection. Marcia Landy criticizes Karen’s work citing an inadequate psychological analysis in choice of themes such as death, but applauds abilities to directly confront conflicts and provide clarity in her work. Eric Johannesson compares Karen’s use of magic to that in Arabian Nights and says it triggers new people’s perceptions. Karen’s work has received praise and criticisms that can be revealed by exploring her writing career through her background, topics and styles, and views of other writers as discussed in this paper.


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