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Kaohsiung's Destination Marketing Communication Efforts


Focus on Kaohsiung's destination marketing efforts and also explains how it compete with other cities in global economy.


Title: Kaohsiung's Destination Marketing Communication Efforts
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Kaohsiung is a major tourism hub and the second most developed city in South Western Taiwan. Besides tourism, Kaohsiung also boasts a large industrial base due to its sea and air links. It is also the second most populated metropolis with a population of about 2.77 million people. In terms of area, Kaohsiung is the largest municipality in Taiwan with a total surface area of 1,139 square miles. Being a major tourist attraction center for both local and international tourist, the government of Taiwan has invested heavily towards marketing of the various tourist attractions in the city. In terms of communications, the city has invested heavily towards ensuring smooth and effective communication with the target market groups. Marketing communication serves as the basis by which the producer or the service provider will be able to reach the target consumer factions effectively and in a way that will appeal to them positively.

The technique or method employed to communicate to the target market group determines just how successful the business will be. For Kaohsiung, the authorities have employed various tactics with the aim of reaching their desired customers as well as in further developing the various tourist facilities in the city. For Kaohsiung, the city does not only target visitors in need for recreational facilities, but also business tourists owing to the endless business opportunities in the port city. For instance, the Port of Kaohsiung is one of the largest in the region and illustrates the energy and intensity of the business world in the city. In the bid to become a world-class tourist destination, Kaohsiung has employed various integrated marketing communication strategies which are aimed at ensuring sustainability of the resort city. The various marketing communication efforts employed by the resort city include



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