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Criminal law 2 Pages

Juveniles Tried In An Adult Court


How can juvenile cases be heard in adult court? List and describe three different ways of transferring juveniles to adult court.

Present a "real-life" recent example in which a juvenile case was heard in adult court. Do you agree or disagree with the court's decision to waive the case to adult court?


Title: Juveniles Tried In An Adult Court
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Juveniles Tried in an Adult Court

The legal authority allows for the transfer of some juvenile cases to the adult criminal court in a process referred to as a ‘waiver.’ This involves the judge waiver of the protections that juveniles are provided by the juvenile courts. The juvenile cases that are subject to waiver include the serious crimes such as murder and robbery with violence. The juvenile being tried in the adult court enjoys additional constitutional protection, but one has a potential for severer criminal sentence. This may also include the possibility of serving the jail term in an adult prison. This paper discusses the circumstances that my lead a juvenile to be tried in an adult court by describing the three different ways of transferring the juveniles to adult courts. The paper also provides a real-life example of a case where a juvenile was tried in an adult court.


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