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Journey To The Center Of The Earth Jules Verne


Tell about the author, give a report/summary on the book, and what his/her reason was for writing this book at the time. (Journey to the Center of the Earth - Jules Verne)


Title: Journey To The Center Of The Earth Jules Verne
Length: 4 pages (1125 Words)
Style: APA


Journey to the Center of the Earth


This book was written by Jules Verne in 1864. It revolves around a German professor Otto Liedenbrock, who states there are paths going towards the center of the earth. He therefore decided to take a tour in volcanic tubes together with his nephew Axel and Hans a guide; they decided to descend through Icelandic volcanic encountering natural hazards, wild animals, and many adventures. They eventually came to the surface of the earth in southern Italy through the Stromboli volcano. This is an all-time favorite and seems to be Vern’s best of works.


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