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Journal: What’s The Point?


Have you ever listened to a speech or watched a movie and wondered what the main point was? Chances are the purpose was not clearly defined. In this exercise, you will practice determining the purpose of a speech and observing its organization.

Choose a video from the playlist in Connect to watch, noting the answers to the following questions:
•What is the speaker’s main purpose?
•How does the speaker communicate the main point?
•Did the speaker accomplish the purpose in the allotted time?

Then reflect on how this activity is relevant to your life. Why is it important to know the main point of a speech or conversation? Use an example from your own life to support your claim.            

Title: Journal: What’s The Point?
Length: 1 pages (275 Words)
Style: APA


Journal: What’s the Point?

President Obama’s State of the Union Address of 2016 speech was highly anticipated as it was the last one, and the world at large expected to get his scorecard. Ordinarily, the State of the Union Address is always focused on what the country is going to achieve in the current and following year by clearly stating the road map and reflecting on the past achievements. On the contrary, Obama shifted attention and slammed the Republican presidential candidates who, according to him, are dedicated at dividing the country along tribal lines, festering in malice, widening inequality, and gripping the country with fear (The White House, 2016).


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