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Music 9 Pages

Johann Sebastian Bach’s Music


Write a research paper about Johann Sebastian Bach’s Music


Title: Johann Sebastian Bach’s Music
Length: 9 pages (3087 Words)
Style: Turabian


          Bach’s passion, were mostly extensions of previous passions. He, however, added more new elements in his work. The work reflects many elements of late Baroque musical style. He used word-painting, recitative, arias, choruses, chorales, and duet as an opera in his passion. For instance, Bach’s St John Passion was composed in
Johann Sebastian Bach is one of the most famous composers in the Western musical history.His music was much about cantata and passion. This marked a musical transition from the Gregorian period and the renaissance. He extended on previous compositions, as well as added new elements to the music. With that, he made it more vibrant than other musicians of his time. The music is characterized by the use of poetic texts, lyrics, use of obbligato instruments in addition to that of basso continuo and several other genres in a single piece. Bach explored harmony more deeply in his music than other composers of his time more so when compared to Antonio Vivaldi and Handel[1]

Sebastian Bach is a force to reckon when it comes to the unification of national and regional styles. His faith and Catholic composers had a lot of allure in his composition. Bach’s sources are mostly from Southern, Central and Northern Germany. It is vital to note that the impulses that his music received from French and Italian composers are equally crucial to the development and growth of his style. In almost every element of Bch’s music, there is a tinge of an Italian Concerto. He either improved on the composition solely or with the aid of other people. The enhancements usually entailed transitioning instrumental into vocals, orchestral into work and secular to sacred. His composition sometimes borrowed from the previous works of other artists such as Martin Luther. This paper demonstrates the ways in which Bach’s baroque music connects with or extends the work of previous composers and shows the connections between the music and Bach’s theology[2]

Bach’s music does indeed connect with or extends the work of previous Renaissance composers. The tradition of transitioning the Passion to music is nearly as old as the gospels. From the times of church music that was more formalized, the Passions were chanted by the priests. Given that most of the texts are long, large portions of the Passion were preferably performed in intoned speech. In these performances, words would be sung rapidly without keen adherence to the arrangement of rhythm and pitch. Later on, the composer wrote Gregorian chants to the texts of the Passion. On some occasions, varying singers would represent different characters such as Jesus Christ, Pontius Pilate, Judas, Peter[3]. It was custom to read the passion severally during the Holy Week. In the course of Renaissance, some composers alternated polyphonic choruses with the Gregorian chant. This led to the reserving of chanted numbers for soloists. The soloists represented Evangelists or Christ, and the chorus represented the crowd. Later on during the Renaissance, some composers created particular genres of the Passion dubbed a “motet Passion”. In motet Passion, the entire text is sung by a cappella choir...


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