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Job Shadow: Reflection Paper


Visit a professional's office and write a “Reflection Paper” which describes the visit to the professional’s office. It should contain information about their Employment Packages, reflections on what was learned from the professional, and a  discussion of the value of their job shadowing opportunity. 


Title: Job Shadow: Reflection Paper
Length: 2 pages (565 Words)
Style: MLA


Job shadowing

The centre houses the design studios. There is also a workroom for students, scanner facility, a print room comprising of white and black colour printers, as well as a conference room that has iconic chairs, and the offices of the faculty. Smith Research Centre is where all classes of interior design are held. The centre can be accessed easily via a bus and the students have an ample packing. The centre is open for use until 10:00 pm during the weekdays and can be accessed during the weekend. A visit to Smith Research Centre at Indiana University was a learning opportunity. The centre offers various career opportunities. The centre offers various career opportunities including interior design and guides the students on various career paths.


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