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Jesus In His Life And Teaching.


Write a comprehensive essay detailing the life of Jesus and  His teachings 


Title: Jesus In His Life And Teaching.
Length: 6 pages (1700 Words)
Style: APA


By anyone’s account, Jesus is the most significant person to ever live in the world.[1]He has influenced more lives and a lot has been written about him than any other person in the history of the world. The purpose of this paper is to highlight on the life of Jesus in a cultural context. This paper provides a summary of Jesus’ life as well as his teachings. Also, the paper introduces short accounts of modern day discussions that surrounds Jesus’ life and teaching.

The topic of Jesus in his life and teaching gives an opportunity to know Jesus in a personal, powerful, and intimate way. Jesus was born in Bethlehem while his childhood home was Galilee. According to the New Testament, Joseph was Jesus’ foster father.Moreover, Mary was Jesus’ mother. Mystically, Mary was caused to conceive by the Holy Spirit, giving rise to what can be termed to as a virgin birth. In the teachings of Jesus, as it appears in the New Testament, there is a reference to the fulfillment of the promises God made in the Old Testament.[2] In his life and teachings, Jesus demonstrates how God puts forth the royal power to end the oppression and injustice by the evil powers. Moreover, his life shows how God establishes his rule of peace, joy, and righteousness for humanity. To put it differently, Jesus’ life and teachings are the fulfillment of God’s main purpose in creating the world. The mission of Jesus from God the father appears in the gospels.

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 [2]Murray 1992: 19


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