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Jesus and the Parables

Jesus And The Parables


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Jesus and the Parables


Title: Jesus And The Parables
Length: 5 pages (1427 Words)
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 Jesus largely loved to use parables when preaching the gospel to the multitudes and his disciples as well. Most of these parables have been documented in the four gospels, with some conveying similar messages, for instance, the parables of the lost sheep, prodigal son, and the lost coin. The three parables aim to teach about redemptions and dealing with loss in life. The imagery used in the parables was not only entertaining in the stories, but also provided a basis upon which an important gospel message was created. However, sometimes Jesus had to explain to the disciples the deeper meanings and connotations of the parables since it was difficult to decipher the messages. Therefore, however much the parables were effective in the teachings of Jesus, they were sometimes not easy to understand, probably impeding the spread of the gospel.


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