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Jabir’s Hydrochloric Acid


As I mentioned in class, there will be another bonus point opportunity on the next class test.  Like the last one, it is optional, and you can't count the point twice if you do the grade swap, but you CAN use this bonus point for Test 1 or Test 4 if you end up dropping Test 3.

The assignment is to write a short bio-(as in in biographical)-chemical" essay (500 words or so) that should be titled "So and So's Acid", "So and So's Base", or "So and So's Salt".  You need to do some research and find out who your So and So will be.  Include discussion about the chemist(s) involved in the discovery or invention.  Please feel free to use the internet to do your research, but consult more than one source.  And do NOT write a research report, that summarizes facts and figures that anybody can find online.

Make your essay informative AND entertaining (so that somebody who has never had a chemistry class would actually finish reading your article).  You can paste into your essay images and/or molecular structures, but they don't count for 1,000 words, as the saying goes.

An extra bonus point will go the writer of what I judge to be the best essay. Note that cutting-and-pasting text, or other forms of plagiarizing, will forfeit any bonus points (or worse).

For a sample essay, that is relevant to our lectures this week, see:  (As an update to the essay, the chemist who "kept truckin'" past his hundredth birthday, died only 6 years ago)."


Title: Jabir’s Hydrochloric Acid
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: MLA


Jabir’s Hydrochloric Acid

Hydrochloric acid, just like other chemical compound, was discovered, without which people could have not known about its existence (Chang, Raymond, & Goldsby). It occurs by nature in the human body, and artificially as a physical solution or gas. Because matter occupies space and has mass, hence hydrochloric acid also has the same characteristics of the substances. The molar mass of the chemical compound is 36.46 g/mol (HCl). Additionally, the molecular formula of hydrochloric acid in water is HCl. It is colorless in appearance, and that implies that not all the liquids are water. The acid also exists in the gaseous form as hydrogen chloride. The molecular structure of hydrochloric acid.


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