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Issues With The Definition Of 'world Cinema' As 'non Hollywood' Or 'anti Hollywood'



Discuss the issues with the definition of 'world cinema' as 'non-Hollywood' or 'anti-Hollywood' cinema, illustrating them with one example we have studied.

Assessment Criteria

  1. Understanding of brief (you understood what you are supposed to do in terms of writing an academic essay, and you understood the question chosen)
  2. Development (there is a sense of an argument and a sense of structure to your essay, including a clear introduction and conclusion)
  3. Critical analysis (you demonstrate an ability to think critically, to avoid mechanical repetition of secondary sources or others' opinions, and to use the adequate critical terms) 
  4. Use of examples, sources and evidence (you can back up your argument with examples from films and from your reading)
  5. Research and Referencing (you are able to carry out adequate and relevant research about the topic chosen; you are able to provide references for all your sources, correctly and comprehensively)
  6. Presentation (proper margins, spacing, font size, filmography and bibliography attached in correct format, etc). 
  7. Language (spelling, syntax, grammar must be correct; use the help you need either through PAD or from your computer)

The essay must show proof of reading about the topic chosen and an understanding of appropriate referencing conventions. You must use a range of sources and you must include a bibliography and a filmography. The bibliography should include at least 8 academically 


Title: Issues With The Definition Of 'world Cinema' As 'non Hollywood' Or 'anti Hollywood'
Length: 8 pages (2477 Words)
Style: MLA


World Cinema

The term ‘World cinema’ has on many occasions been used to refer to non-Hollywood films. Hollywood is undoubtedly the global leader in the making of films but the imperious necessity by other cultures to present their stories in their films has resulted in several ‘anti-Hollywood’ industries from all over the world. The reasons for the emergence of these industries go beyond the mere necessity of telling their stories. Some industries exist to cater for the existing talent that Hollywood cannot fully absorb whereas other industries exist because of an existing market niche in the regional or even global film market. Each regional film industry tends to view Hollywood as its biggest competition on both the local and the international scale. To study this industry to its core, we will look at the leading film industries on a continental basis, their trademark style, popularity levels, and probably encroachment to the rest of the world in the future.

Though Hollywood is the leading film industry in the world, the beginning of the cinema industry was not restricted to Hollywood alone. Much of Europe and parts of Asia were in this business from an early stage. The works and theories of people like Serge Eisenstein, a film director and theorist from Russia, and Andre Bazin, a French film theorist and article writer have come in handy in making the film industry what it is today. The two are renowned for the styles of fast cutting, and long takes that can be are in use in filmmaking to this day  ( For this reason, it is paramount that we look at what changes the world cinema has undergone over the years and its market trend.

To begin with, we will look into the Chinese film industry. China is apparently the fastest growing economy in the world right now. Moreover, with this economic growth, the Chinese film industry has followed suit and is said to be the second largest film industry by worth and the leading in the wider region of Asia. The revenue generated from the Chinese film industry is an estimated $2.7 billion as of 2013 (Talking Drum Entertainment). Throughout the years, some Chinese-made films have hit the global market by storm. With a trademark theme of martial arts, the Chinese films have over the years taken the world by storm. From the days of the legendary Bruce Lee in the 1970s to date, the |Chinese film industry continues to leave a mark globally. Though some Hollywood films have had their depiction of the Chinese culture, this has not been taken lightly as some people consider wrong and inaccurate ( The Chinese film industry is bound to grow with a ‘home’ market of above 1 billion and a global market too. The Japanese film industry follows closely with an estimated worth of $2.4 billion, becoming the second largest film industry in Asia. 

The leading film industries in Europe are the French and the U.K. industries with a combined revenue of $1.7 billion by 2013. The French film industry has been in existence for over seventy years now ( With global films that hit the world market from as early as the 1930s, the French film industry has several come up with influential films. In 2014 alone, the French films earned about €640 million with approximately 111 admissions from the foreign market. The January 2015 film, Taken 3, sold over 30 million tickets in foreign markets alone. Several French films have been nominated and won awards in the recent years including the 2015 Tokyo Anime Award, the Palmes d’Or Awards that are held at the Cannes Film Festival since 2008 and a total of 8 Oscars to various members of the French film industry since 2006. The success comes as no surprise as France is home to the oldest film company that was founded in 1895 (FRANCE’S FILM INDUSTRY).


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