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Attend a religious service in a Muslim mosque Provide the following information in your opening paragraph:

Time, date, address, name, and sectarian affiliation of the service you attended. Describe in detail the art and architecture you saw. 

Describe in detail the clergy and the laity who were present. Describe in detail any rituals that were performed and any myths that may have been enacted, portrayed, or discussed. Did you feel comfortable in this setting? Why, or why not?

With what stereotypes, assumptions, and expectations did you come into this field research experience? How was the experience different from what you expected? 

How did your experience compare to the description of this religion in your reading assignment (cite page numbers) and in class? How did your own beliefs, ideas, and assumptions affect your interpretation of the experience?


Title: Islam
Length: 4 pages (1100 Words)
Style: MLA


On December 6th 2013, I made a visit to Muslim Association of Hawaii Masjid, which is located at address 1935 Aleo Place at 9.35am and upon my arrival, I could see some aspects of difference in the way the parking lot was designed and its size; it was much bigger than the ones I had seen in places of worship before coming to this place. What surprised me is, the building did not have any difference from the ones at places of residence, and unlike in some countries where all places of worship look perfectly alike, both is size and design. This was a different case since the building was built just like any other home of residence out there.

Inside the building, the room was designed as one very large hall which had a dome and a minaret that was used by the clergy; to call people for players. Besides the main hall, there were classrooms where people held religious teachings. The structure was bigger than a residential house. Since the place was located in a residential neighborhood, things were smooth and cool, and not as vigorous as one could expect. I had arrived earlier than the usual time of worship, so I had quite some time to see through what was happening in preparation for the worship service. There was a ritual cleansing (Ablution) for the clergymen as the prepared on the sermon of the day and the ritual was not something I was used to, or had seen before.

The ritual was conducted in different bath houses and it involved men washing their hands up to the wrist and rinsing them for three times, cleaning their mouths with water three times using the right hand, cleaning the nostrils by sniffing out water for three times, there was the cleaning of faces three times. I could see them rubbing their head with wet hands once, washing their arms three times up to the elbow, cleaning of the back of the ear was done using the thumbs once and the inside of the ear was cleaned using the index finger once.


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