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Isidore And Anthemius, Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, 537


Background Information/Description

  • Summarize the intentions, ideas and conditions of the project
  • Choose images that you feel show the project well. Discuss the relationship of plans, sections, and elevations to each other, and describe the building in writing, as you did last semester. Describe the architectural promenade and the building’s spatial composition. Compare the façade and the interior – what relationship do they have to each other?
  • Describe the site orientation, in relation to the context and access, and the surrounding landscape and/or urban space
  • Describe and analyse the structural and material innovations of the building
  • Your analysis of the design – how does it deal with each of these aspects, and what is most relevant about it?


  • Who commissioned and designed the project? Is this information relevant to understanding the meaning of the work?
  • Under what historical, political and social conditions was it produced? Does the project reveal or express something that seems particularly important in relation to the time it was built?
  • What can you say about style in this project? Does it fit in a particular “style” or seem to define a new or hybrid one for you? What other buildings that we have studied might provide useful contrasts for thinking about the style of this building?
  • What ideas and traditions does it draw from, and break from?


  • Whose writing about this building did you look at?
  • What claims have the historians/critics you read made about the building? What do they agree or disagree about?
  • Do you agree with their interpretations? Is there something crucial that they may have overlooked?
  • In your opinion, how successful is the design? What else might the architect have done?

Title: Isidore And Anthemius, Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, 537
Length: 5 pages (1375 Words)
Style: MLA


Background Information/Description

Summarize the intentions, ideas, and conditions of the project

Hagia Sophia is a dome with forty windows around its base. The concept of the building changed architectural logic that weakened the integrity of masonry (Mark & Cakmak 196). However, this daring display has a cycle of light that appears to make the dome float. Even when the first dome fell, the issue was not related to the windows, but to the shallow nature of the dome and the shift in the pier and pendetive. However, the steeper dome that stands today, at a summit of 20 feet above the floor, is a result of the undeterred architectures floor and confident technical methods.

The relationship between the plans, sections, and elevations of Hagia Sophia to the other


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