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Is The Literature Review Timely?


Answer the following questions based on the article attached. Each question should be 4 sentences long.

5.Is the literature Review timely (5 years or less)? 5 points

6.Is there a problem statement in the literature review? 5 points

7.Is there a purpose statement in the research study? 5 points

8.Is there a research question or hypothesis clearly stated? 5 points


Title: Is The Literature Review Timely?
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
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Is the Literature Review Timely?

The literature review is timely because it provides current information on the topics hence important for research on nursing. The review provides latest developments in healthcare thus equipping the reader with current issues. Using timely literature review enables the readers of the research to adopt new changes in nursing which are critical in handling current issues in healthcare industry. Additionally, the review analyzes and evaluates the present state of affairs in the industry. The review notes current themes, important trends, and researches that are relevant in addressing some of the challenges witnessed by nurses. Healthcare industry will gain immensely from this research because it contains the latest information on Kolb’s Model. Lastly, the research acknowledges the past literature so as to recognize how experiential learning simulation model has evolved over the years.
Is there a Problem Statement in the Literature Review?


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