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Is Mc Donaldization Of Society Always Harmful?


Write a short essay (2 pages) on the topic below. Your essay should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. Your essay will demonstrate an understanding of the course material plus material you find through research of other materials and its application to everyday life and/or its relationship to real-life situations.


Is the McDonaldization of society—whether it appears in restaurants, dental clinics, or newspapers—always harmful? Or does it also have positive effects? Provide several examples to support and illustrate your answer.

When answering this question, look at how our socialization leads us to accept the McDonaldization of society. What psychological and social factors are at work here? What role do these organizations play in our everyday life and how does the McDonaldization of the social institutions we encounter affect us? When writing your essay, be sure to add material from sources other than class material. Research and support your arguments with information gathered in your research.


Title: Is Mc Donaldization Of Society Always Harmful?
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: APA


Is McDonaldization of Society Always Harmful?

The question as to whether McDonaldization has created more harm to the society or not is a subject of personal view. Currently, it is evident that most institutions are operating based on its principles and characteristics. Renowned sociologist George Ritzer in his book The McDonaldization of Society 6 explains how McDonaldization became a common practice in day-to-day society. His description re-formularizes Max Weber’s twentieth century theme of rationalization as the processes where traditional patterns of thinking are substituted by paradigms of efficiency and formalized social control. 

Likewise, the current term McDonaldized means the precepts of fast-food industry are being applied to more sectors of the global space (Ritzer, 2011). Daily undertakings in the economic and social amenities apply the principles of fast-food restaurant because society perceives their modes of operation as logical and acceptable . Even though the principles of McDonalization have proved beneficial and cut across different sectors, critics have also argued that the modality of the new paradigm is injurious to the society.


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