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Philosophy 3 Pages

Is Fracking Safe?


Select one of the following issues and apply critical thinking skills to
make an argument for your position:

  1. Keeping Children Safe at School
  2. Cyber-Bullying
  3. Zoning in Houston
  4. Olympics in Houston
  5. Voting on the Internet for Local, State, Federal Elections
  6. An Environmental Issue: Is Fracking Safe?

Making an argument is key to doing well with this assignment. This is an argument and not a research paper, but you will have to do research to get information for your argument.

Your writing should be at least three-to-four pages in length, double spaced, typed, 12-point font, normal margins. Write an introduction paragraph and a conclusion paragraph. I am very intent on how you present your material to me.

Answer the following nine questions in your writing. You must write the question, double space, and then answer it in complete sentences.

Follow the Structural Model, which is the first PDF in the Assignment Toggle. Be thorough in your answers to each question. Notice that these nine questions are the nine steps for critical thinking. How to answer these questions is modeled for you in the material presented on critical thinking in your Toggle reading. 

  1. What is your initial point of view?
  2. How can you define your point of view more clearly?
  3. What is an example of your point of view?
  4. What is the origin of your point of view?
  5. What are your assumptions?
  6. What are the reasons, evidence, and arguments that support your
    point of view?
  7. What are other points of view on this issue?
  8. What is your conclusion, decision, solution, or prediction?
  9.  What are the consequences of your point of view?

In your total writing, you must integrate the information that would comply with SLO #1, 1a and 1b, the material origins of which are found in the material for critical thinking and Socrates/Plato. You integrate by referencing some of this material. These sources will give you historical perspective on the decision making process and major thinkers, philosophical questions, norms, terms and concepts, which SLO #1 requires.

How the basic assignment and the SLO fit together is part of the assignment itself. So, you must determine how to integrate. Basically, I am asking how the philosophical (thinking) past impacts your argument for the decision making process of the topic of your choice. Every decision-making process involves thinking that is rooted in the past. This is not an easy paper to write, and it requires some reading, some thought, a rough draft(s) for your own use, until you submit the final product to me. 

This is a formal paper. I expect good English and good writing, meaning proper paragraphing, sentence structure, antecedent agreement, spelling, correct punctuation and logical progression of your argument. If you need the help of an English/philosophy tutor, or the college writing center, then follow the directions to these in the syllabus. If you are doing Internet, library or other research on the topic of your choice, then I expect to see your references/documentation in the body of your writing. Use MLA. An extra citation page is not necessary.


Title: Is Fracking Safe?
Length: 3 pages (902 Words)
Style: MLA


Is Fracking Safe?


 Every domain in the present world is subject to critique. When it comes to fracking, we cannot afford to have any leaves unturned. As to whether fracking is safe, Socrates, a philosopher, established that one could not depend on those in authority to have sound knowledge and insight. People may have power yet remain confused and irrational. The rationality of hydraulic fracturing is one to be questioned intently. Hydraulic fracturing is a controversial and gas extraction technique developed in the 1940s so as to reach fossil energy deposits that were previously inaccessible. We have to look beyond appearance for us come face to face the reality of the consequences of hydraulic fracturing.

My Initial Point of View

Fracking is not safe. It is a controversial gas extraction technique developed in the 1940s to reach fossil energy deposits that were previously inaccessible. It involves smashing of rocks with millions of gallons of water alongside an undisclosed assortment of chemical to surface gas. The use of chemicals is a more than worrying aspect of fracking.


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