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Introduction To Art


PART I. (after completing Part I, go to the essay guidelines/images/questions in  Part II, III and IV in the attached Power Point) 50 points

The following essay question focuses on one work of art that you will select from any museum in the world (see  Google Art Project ).   If the work has a label, you may use the information in the label if it is appropriate to your essay, but it has to be expressed in your own words.

Essay (200 words):  You are an art collector and wish to purchase one work of art for your French Chateau:

Choose one work from any museum and describe the work, its theme and purpose using techniques and terms used in WOA, Chapter 1-8.  Include a fact about the subject or artist of the painting using scholarly sources (remember to cite the source!).

PART II. (50 points) Identify this work from the previous lecture: 1) full name and nationality of artist, 2) title of art work, 3) date, 4) medium. 

With the introduction in 1965 of a relatively inexpensive hand-held video camera, the Sony Portapak, artists were suddenly able to explore the implications of seeing in time.  While video art tends to exploit this immediacy, commercial television tends to hide it by attempting to make videotaped images look like film. Video artists sought to create alternatives to TV’s capacity to lull, to entertain, and to make passive consumers of its audience. They set out as artists to demystify the medium, and in doing so, transform the video image into a tool capable of redefining the parameters of sculpture and installation art.

Discuss this artwork. Give facts.  Include titles of related works by this and or/other video artists in your book. How did the public see and respond to works like this?  Why?

PART III. (50 points) Vincent van Gogh writes in his letter to his brother Theo about

 In my picture of the “Night Café” I have tried to express the idea that the café is a place where one can ruin oneself, go mad or commit a crime. So I have tried to express, as it were, the powers of darkness in a low public house, by soft Louis XV green and malachite, contrasting with yellow-green and harsh blue-greens, and all this in an atmosphere like a devil's furnace, of pale sulphur.”Has van Gogh succeeded at expressing "the terrible passions of humanity" through careful color choice and arrangement?

Now consider another work by van Gogh using virtually the same palette. The Olive Trees painted in 1889 seems filled with the joyous light and celebration of life and spirituality that permeated much of van Gogh's work. Compare the colors. They are essentially the same. What makes one work dismally gloomy and the other light and joyous?   Discuss the formal elements of both works:  the subject matter, the symbolism, its meaning, and the artist’s intentions.

PART IV (50 points) – Juan Si Gonzalez will give a Visiting Artist lecture to our class on Tues. 7/28.

Juan-Si Gonzalez, who is originally from Cuba, has been working as a visual artist and photographer for many years, exhibiting in museums and galleries throughout the U.S., Latin America and Europe.   Since living in Ohio he has received three Individual Excellence Awards from the Ohio Arts Council.

  1. What materials and media does Juan Si use in his artwork in order to create social change?
  2. How does the work reflect multiple perspectives?
  3. Name and discuss one of his projects.   (Give specific information on this project:  who, what, where    and when) What specific critiques are formed in his work.

Title: Introduction To Art
Length: 4 pages (1269 Words)
Style: MLA


Introduction to Art

Part I

Artist’s name: Gherardo di Jacopo detto lo Starnina

Title of work: Madonna of Humility Enthroned by Angels

Medium: Painting in the Museo Diocesano Milano Museum

Date: 1404-1405

Style: Insular Art

Image: Madonna of Humility Enthroned by Angels (Source: )

The work is an image of virgin Mary holding the baby Jesus. The image was popular in the Catholic Church and had and, to date, has a religious significance. The shiny background of the image that is made of a golden color is a depiction of the purity and cleanliness associated with Mary the mother of Jesus. The artist of the work, Gherardo di Jacopo detto lo Starnina, was a member of the Roman Catholic and hoped to express his religious faith with the image presented. During period in which the image was painted, the Catholic Church was spreading its religious doctrines across the world with the aim of attracting more believers.


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