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Intro To Computer Science 120


Al Lives! Discussion Board Assignment

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What is the significance of 500 Trillion bytes per second? Stay tuned...

In the 1950's, Artificial Intelligence (AI) was a largely investigated field of inquiry due to its highly technical, yet specialized lens of examination. The topic, however, is still very much alive today as technology continues to push the boundaries of what we as humans can do when using technology as an extension to our bodily limitations.

Some say however, Moore's Law MUST fail if moving to a quantum or atom-based structure that contain physical laws that add the element of uncertainty; hence Singularity, the idea of ONE unit, possibly that in which computers will surpass 500 trillion bytes per second, which is the speed of the human brain to reason. However, at said time, many think when computers can think for themselves, they must be turned off in order to protect our species.

For more theory behind the application, please review the following video lectures:

ABC News: New Facebook feature: Cool or creepy? (Links to an external site.)

Michio Kaku on Artificial Intelligence (Links to an external site.)

Ray Kurzweil: The accelerating power of technology (Links to an external site.)

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Within the AI Lives discussion, we will explore AI from a communication point of view using ChatBots and Natural Language Translators, to examine their effectiveness.

To complete this assignment, visit and use three of the following WebSites or three of your choice:

A.L.I.C.A. - Artificial Intelligence Foundation (Links to an external site.)

(Links to an external site.)Chatterbot Collections (Links to an external site.)

Cyber Twin (Links to an external site.)

Eliza, Computer Therapist (Links to an external site.)

Eugene Goostman (Links to an external site.)

(Links to an external site.)Kirk (Links to an external site.)

(Links to an external site.)Simon Laven - Jabberwacky (Links to an external site.)

Three Sites of Your Choice (Links to an external site.)

NOTE:  ChatBot and translation WebSites change rapidly on the Web, which may result in a "discontinued services" page. As a result of this fact, it is acceptable to use other resources you find on the Web to explore AI or language translation packages.

While visiting these sites, have a conversation (at minimum, five lines). Take screenshots of each interaction. You will attach these screenshots to your discussion posting,  but remember the attachment does NOT replace the need for your original posting to be placed directly within the discussion window. Create your assignment to include the following information:

Host a online conversation with a bot

Take screenshots of these interactions and include as an attachment with your initial post as a Word document (e.g. Convert graphic and attach as a JPG file or paste screenshot into a Word file to be used as an attachment. You can use the PrintScrn button on the keyboard to take the screenshots and convert.)

Within your initial post answer the following questions:

Do you believe this type of interaction is effective - Why or why not?

Where can this type of service be applied?

How relevant to do you believe AI truly is - Why?

What do you believe is next in terms of AI creations?

Read the other blog posts, and substantively reply to one of your classmates' posting

information.png You may access the Discussion Area directly by clicking the REPLY button below. It's just that simple! Remember, you can Attach File (Browse My Computer) to upload additional support in the forum, as needed, HOWEVER, please DO NOT use an attachment to post your original posting.


Visit three WebSites provided in the modules area or replace each with a site of your own in order to gain access to THREE sites in total.

Record your bot conversations via screenshots.

Describe your conversations via an initial discussion post while answering the questions above.

Remember to post early in the week to allow others to make comments.

Review each of your classmates' entries and leave relevant comments supporting your views.

Comments are due ONE WEEK after the close of this assignment.

You must create your own entry FIRST in order to view other replies. REMEMBER to Include your Name and Section Number in the BODY please.

Include the following in your post:

A screenshot for each interaction (Convert to a graphic or paste into a Word file; Use the PrintScrn button on the keyboard to take the screenshot)

Answer the question - Do you believe this type of interaction is effective - Why or why not?

Answer the question - Where can this type of service be applied?

Answer the question - How relevant to do you believe AI truly is - Why?

Answer the question - What do you believe is next in terms of AI creations?


Title: Intro To Computer Science 120
Length: 5 pages (1375 Words)
Style: MLA


Introduction to Computer Science 120


Artificial intelligence is seen as the study of the design of independently intelligent computer agents. The last decade has seen the growth in the artificial intelligence sector with most critics and specialist now considering it an upcoming field of science. Indeed, artificial intelligence as a science has its own theoretical framework as well as an experimental section. 

Among the most controversial subject in artificial intelligence is its ability and effectiveness in communication more specifically its interaction with humans, and other machines. This paper will attempt to look at the effectiveness of the AI interactions, its application, relevance and the future of Artificial intelligence. This will be done through a practical interaction with three websites using the interaction to make an inference.


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