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Review and assess the interview questions used by the Southwood School District. Develop a summary in which you present your assessment.

As part of this summary, develop five additional questions that you believe should be asked by the principal and HR manager when selecting a new employee. Using three external sources, provide supporting rationale to support the five additional questions and any changes to existing questions. Cite external sources using APA format. 


Title: Interviews
Length: 3 pages (875 Words)
Style: APA



The recruitment process at Southwood is glossy inappropriate. The school lacks objectivity in its recruitment procedure, thus employees hired are most likely not suit for the job. The high employee turnover results from the inadequacy of the management to align recruitment content with the job description. A well-designed hiring protocol involves an all-around assessment and perfect information on the job description. The hiring process should be conducted by the requisite personnel alone. Other stakeholders should in no way participate in the hiring process. Interviewees must exhibit perfect knowledge of the job description, meet the requisite qualification, and exhibit willingness to work in the organization.


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