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Interview On International Business Experience


Task 2:

“Answer the Question” (2-3pages, single-space)

Based on your Task 1 and feedback from the instructor, you will identify a specific topic for in-depth analysis. You are expected to apply course knowledge in this essay. You need to address:

  1. What is the issue? Why did you choose to study this issue?
  2. What are the causes of the issue?
  3. How does it affect international business?
  4. How would you resolve this issue? (provide suggestions and explain why they will work)
  5. What does the interviewee think about your idea? (discuss your suggestions with the interviewee; describe his/her opinion; and explain why he/she thinks so)
  6. How would you revise your suggestions?

You must finish your analysis and come up with your own suggestions

Before going back to your interviewee You must honestly report the interviewee’s feedback. In most cases, he/she will point out potential problems in your suggestions and provide constructive ideas. This is actually a key learning purpose of this task.

Here is task 1 that you guys did:


I interviewed Bader Al Amali over the phone for this task. He is the chief officer at a fast food restaurant, Mechabees. Besides, he is a financial expert and a business advisor in Kuwait. He has helped the restaurant procure and do business in Europe. Besides working in Kuwait, he has worked in Europe and is aware of most business environments, and international laws that govern these respective countries. Mechabees Restaurant currently works internationally through its subsidiaries, where Al Amali is involved in advising the business on the correct course. This essay will discuss the lesson learned from Al Amali, who has vast experience in doing business internationally.

Key lessons Al Amali has learned from International business experience

Most of the executives comprehend that doing business in the flat world requires some experience in overseas projects. For one to be successful, there are so many barriers that require transcending one’s own culture, learning, and other perspectives. Al Amali learned that the concept of deep self-awareness would help him prosper in his projects. “Understanding your own belief and determining the point they differ from other people in a foreign country is very critical if one is to succeed.” If this key feature lacks in a person, it becomes impossible to adapt or even tolerate other people’s belief that are deep-seated. Thus, the business opportunity will evaporate within a very short time. It is also important to differentiate where “I am right, or you are wrong.” A person also needs to be sensitive to diversity in culture. Minor things in other countries may have a long run impact on international business. It is important that one have some interest in the culture of foreign people. It will help you recognize that your background is not inherently superior to perform in a global business arena. To show interest in these cultures concerning business implies a high level of humility. A good international businessperson should have humility and ability to listen with a real intent.

Main challenges Al Amali faces at work

The main challenges that Al Amali faces in international business are the business attitude. Some foreign countries do not have good information regarding the Kuwaiti cuisines; therefore, the attitude leads to more business problems. It has become a little hard for the business to cooperate in the business market; therefore, he has sought advice from other companies that entered the market earlier. The attitude is a key factor that determines how the businesses react to different situations.

A topic Al Amali wanted to explore further

Al Amali wants to explore the topic of business communications in an international market. He believes that communication is a key factor that may lead to a success of a business. Managing a business with every person on the site requires a lot of information sharing in informal or formal ways. It is important that a business leader make the special effort in this matter. If communication is not designed in an appropriate way, it becomes difficult to procure or sell products in the correct amounts. Communication also creates a new relationship as Al Amali has witnessed in the course of business. Knowing the cultural difference such as communication styles, power structure, religious beliefs, and work attitudes is important for any business. Communication is the only way to understand the foreign culture; therefore, it is a topic that is worthy to consider.


Title: Interview On International Business Experience
Length: 4 pages (1105 Words)
Style: APA


Task #2

The issue of international business involves cultural and communication barriers involved in the promotion of Kuwaiti cuisine internationally. Hitting the international markets entails interacting and communicating with people of diverse cultural backgrounds. This may come with either positive or negative attitudes towards the product on sale. This is an important issue for study because it involves the promotion of a locally-manufactured product in international markets. It is one of the best ways to understand the motivations and challenges associated with the internationalization of the locally-designed and manufactured foods. At the same time, the issue was chosen because it demonstrates a multicultural perspective in the adoption of a product internationally. For instance, the marketers would have to convince the international customers that the cuisines, although they have their origins in Kuwait, are suitable for people of any cultural background.The inability of the business persons in international business to identify with different cultural differences in good time is also an important issue in the conduction of international business. This is an important issue because many customers expect to be served in certain ways that go in line with their cultural perspectives. When some norms and cultural expectations of business are not met, they may feel offended and not willing to continue engaging in the business.


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