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Intersection and Internalized Oppression

Intersection And Internalized Oppression


Internalized oppression is about accepting negative or discriminatory ideas about yourself, but it also takes the form of a variety of feelings or emotions, such as anger, envy, admiration, or guilt. Learning to recognize these emotions can teach us that “all of us are sexist racist all of us,” as Rosario Morales claims (100). The Bridge authors therefore sometimes assume a confessional tone in their writing, while in other moments they take an accusatory tone towards people they have identified as their oppressors.

Question: Choose one of the Bridge selections and describe the feelings and tone which the author uses in the piece. How does her use of emotion provide us with clues into her political situation or represent a special kind of insight or knowledge into a social problem—and what is that specific situation or problem, in your own words? (100 words minimum – please use direct quotes from the text and place page numbers in parentheses)


Title: Intersection And Internalized Oppression
Length: 1 pages (275 Words)
Style: MLA


Intersection and Internalized Oppression

Piri Thomas’s novel reflects the issue of intersection based on gender and race through how he emphasizes on the injustices committed upon the impoverished, and his relationship with the female characters in the novel. For instance, he states how the rich oppress the poor by taking what they have. His mother explains how his grandmother and grandfather lost their land to the rich by saying, “Your grandmother and grandfather had a lot of land, but they lost that” (Pg. 10).  The author also discloses Thomas’s chauvinist perspective towards women, which makes him ignore their feelings, needs, and their worth as human beings. Piri determines his sense of worth by undermining the female characters’ lives in the novel. During winter, he speaks to his mother arrogantly when he slams the door to the house. When she tells him to learn how to shut a door, he says, “Aw, Moms, everything bothers you” (Pg. 18).


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