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Communications 10 Pages

Interpersonal Communications In Healthcare


Conduct research—find articles related to the IPC themes you’ve identified in the interview.

Read each article.

Cite each article in alphabetical order using APA format. [Author Last Name, First Initial. (Year). Article title. Journal Title, volume number(issue number), pages.] See Purdue OWL for more detailed information: .)

Write an annotation for EACH article (approximately 2-3 pages per annotation; 7-10 pp total), and include: 

  1. A summary of the article (in your own words!) that is accurate, complete and concise. In your summary, explain what kind of research was conducted (qualitative, quantitative, survey, interview, etc.); describe the methodology (how many participants? what kind of participants? what did they do? over how much time, etc.)  as well as the conclusions (what meaning to do the researchers take from their study?).
  2. Connections to IPC—be specific!; I will use this to assess your understanding of the course material; quote from Tracy and the articles we read in class; use APA format to cite sources 
  3. Connections to your interviewee’s experience. How does the article help you to better understand his/her needs, interactions with health care providers, etc.? 
  4. Brief discussion of the relevance of this information to you as a future health care provider.

Title: Interpersonal Communications In Healthcare
Length: 10 pages (2835 Words)
Style: APA


Interpersonal Communications in Healthcare

Brown, B.L., Stewart M. and Ryan, L.B., (2003). The Routledge Handbook of Health and Communication: Outcomes of Patient-Provider Interaction. Ed. 141-161

Brown et al (2003) carried out a quantitative and qualitative study on the relationship between patients and healthcare providers as well as the results or outcomes that emerge from this relationship. The applied a multi-method approach based on the fact that the latter provides credible information about the topic under scrutiny. Brown and co-authors place emphasis on the fact that research carried out in the profession of health care is only relevant if medical practitioners can directly apply it on the ground. The study looks at the outcomes of patient- medical practitioner relationship considering the two sides of the parties involved.


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