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International Peacekeeping

International Peacekeeping


Please write a answer the following;

Access the Global Policy Forum website, and read through some of the articles and analyses on NATO, the EU and OSCE, and the African Union in peacekeeping operations. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of having regional organizations involved in international peacekeeping missions.

Please use the following sources:

Paliwal, Suyash. 2010. The Primacy of Regional Organizations in International Peacekeeping: The African Example. Virginia Journal of International Law, 51(1): 185-230.

Security Council Report, 1999. Cooperation between the United Nations and Regional Organizations/Arrangements in a Peacekeeping Environment.

Barnett, Michael. 1995. Partners in Peace? The UN, Regional Organizations, and Peacekeeping. Review of International Studies, 21: 411-433.


Title: International Peacekeeping
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: MLA


International Peacekeeping

Advantages of having Regional Organizations involved in International Peace Keeping

Geopolitical: Nations in the warring regions are interested in having a peacedue to factors such as mutual historical ties, political alliances, and economic interdependence. The existing interests in the region from neighboring countries therefore make the regional bodies an important tool in resolving conflict(Paliwal, 199).


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