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Internal Dialogue in the Movie Avatar (Cameron, 2009)
Anthropology 4 Pages

Internal Dialogue In The Movie Avatar (Cameron, 2009)


You are a female Na’vi. The events in the movieAvatar (Cameron 2009) have imploded in your midst.  Write an essay reflecting an internal dialogue that captures the radical ontology of your world and its disruption.

James Cameron was sensitive to and influenced by indigenous positionings in the world in the making of Avatar. Your task is to give the Na’vi depth and nuance. Specifically, you are asked to use the central concepts developed in this course (to date) to flesh out and give meaning to what “is” for your Na’vi protagonist—i.e. of what is your world constituted, and how and why—and what it means to be a person in that world.

A couple of pointers….

First, we are not asking you to write an analysis of the movie. Think of Avatar as simply offering a backdrop against which to generate relief. Thus, your essay does not need to be concerned with the plot; the plot merely gives you context from which to build your Na’vi protagonist’s insights.

Second, your exam essay is to be a reflective internal dialog. As such, you do not need to engage with other characters other that in passing, if at all. Rather, your energies as a writer need to focus on creating the world your protagonist knows to be—through a multiplicity of experience—and creating the person that she is. Toward this end, we encourage you to be wildly imaginative.

The concepts you must invoke and operationalize are: “modern” (as defined through the modern constitution and its guarantees); “nondualism”; “transcendence” vs. “immanence”; “perspectivism”; Urarina notions of the “person,” “autonomy,” “ownership,” “mastery.”


Title: Internal Dialogue In The Movie Avatar (Cameron, 2009)
Length: 4 pages (1100 Words)
Style: MLA



Internal Dialogue in the Movie Avatar (Cameron, 2009)


The Avatar film (Cameron, 2009) depicts a representation of humanness emerging in numerous modals and present subjectivities. These are manifested in an embodied engagement of contemporary techno-culture as the main material artifact. With a future setting of one hundred years later, 2154, the Avatar represents an engagement of multimodal embodiment and multispecies in which there is a switch of subjects between human as well as non-human life forms. Familiar post-colonial disclosure and environmentalists are rehearsed in the film in addition to framing Noble Savages (the Na’vi), who are popular stereotypes with the spiritual ability of connecting with the Pandora (the planet they live in) and the American (the complex military industry geared towards destroying the Pandora (Alessio and Meredith 5). This essay is a reflection of the internal dialogue capturing radical ontology of the world and its disruption.


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