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Integration Of Technology Into Medical System


Current Topic of Interest – Each student will survey the health delivery system and identify a current yet creative topic of interest. The selected topic must be of relevance/pertinence to the health professional. It must include their reflections on this topic from a Legal perspective. This will be limited to TWO pages, shared with the class, and submitted to Blackboard. It should reference legal principles. Student does not require Instructor approval for selection. The topic has to be not longer than 12 months and select the topic that has impact in healthcare delivery. In the conclusion mention that why you pick the case and what what did you learn from it.


Title: Integration Of Technology Into Medical System
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: APA


Integration of Technology into Medical System

Presently, modes of administering health care in different hospitals vary. These variances are brought about by the dynamic circumstances. The growing financial constraints of the health system, understaffing and the governments have been identified as some of the causes of the variation in the administration of health services. Research conducted to find out obstacles that hinder proper and efficient health care have proposed the integration of technology into health delivery. The modern world, technological innovations in Healthcare are required to boost delivery of services to the patients.


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