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Integrated Resorts


The development of integrated resorts is a growing trend throughout the world- particularly in countries such as Singapore, where the development of resorts such as Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa have made a remarkable impact on tourism visitation. What are the key features of integrated resorts and why are they becoming so popular?


Title: Integrated Resorts
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Integrated Resorts

Integrated Resorts is a collective term used to describe an assortment of various types of amenities and other tourism attractions in Singapore and other countries (Williams & Gill, 2011). These types of tourist attractions have been very effective in pushing Singapore towards a global tourism destination. Integrated resorts have distinctive characteristics that distinguish them from ordinary other amenities. These amenities are categorized into economic, trade, entertainment and community development. To some extent, some of these facilities provide a learning platform for visitors. This can be through museums or exhibition centers which flock with visitors all year round.

After a long period of banned gambling in Singapore, the country decided to re-introduce gambling with a desire to enhance both domestic and international tourism. Most of Singapore’s integrated resorts have been centered in the business of casinos. Resorts such as Sentosa and Marina South’s main focus of business is their large casinos. These casinos provide thousands of job opportunities for many local and international individuals. Despite huge local political and general public outcry for the decision to re-introduce casinos in the country, casinos were finally introduced (Nunkoo & Ramkissoon, Developing a community support model for tourism, 2011). 


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