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Instructional Resource Learning Management System


Create an instructional tool/resource to be used in a training/teaching environment. Well-designed tools will make the courses more enjoyable and increase learner retention. The learners will be delighted at how much fun learning can be.


Title: Instructional Resource Learning Management System
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Instructional Resource- Learning Management System (LMS)

The 21st century has changed drastically; new and advanced instructional tools have been improvised by teachers to meet learners’ needs in the education sector. Indeed, students in the 21st century are much different from previous generations. The education needs have changed, and thus, the students have made new demands in the classroom. With certainty, students have the ability to gather information than other students who have come before them. Teachers, therefore, need to change their strategies so as to get in line with the demands of the students. The emergence of new technology such as computers, digital imaging, video and audio creation tools, and interactive software has made it possible to develop instructional tools to be used in the classroom.


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