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Education 1 Page

Inquiry Report: Standardized Testing


Analyze a recent reform controversy in education. Students will have a choice of topic among the following:

Education of bilingual learners.

Sexuality and Education.

School Choice.

Standardized testing.

Inquiry Report:

In this assignment (250 words), students will submit a paragraph describing the research conducted for their final paper and three articles they plan to use to support their argument.  The references must be listed in proper APA format. The paragraph must include a brief explanation as to why each article is useful for analyzing the topic and what questions it may answer.  Assignment will be evaluated on relevance of the articles to topic and questions. To receive full credit, the sources must be peer reviewed journal articles.


Title: Inquiry Report: Standardized Testing
Length: 1 pages (275 Words)
Style: APA


Inquiry Report: Standardized Testing

The research conducted for the final paper inquires why standardized tests have remained a controversial issue in many states across the country. The tests are parameters used by education stakeholders to evaluate the performance of students, teachers, and schools and differ from one state to the other. Regrettably, they have been perceived as a gift and a curse to various interested parties including parents, politicians, and policy makers. The researcher chose three articles that portray different realms on the subject. The article, “Testing More, Teaching Less”by Nelson (2013) debunks on the benefits of standardized testing but also points out the weaknesses in implementing the program. 

The authors attest that the system has been reduced to a test and punish accountability scheme that makes teachers focus their attention on passing the assessment rather than facilitating meaningful, inclusive education. In the same way, the article “Teachers' Perceptions of High-Stakes Accountability” by Vernaza (2012) highlights the teachers’ thoughts on the state-sponsored standardized test. As stakeholders, the education facilitators give various accounts on accountability, factors beyond their control, and students’ academic soundness among other factors that showcase the pros and cons of the tests. 

Lastly, the last article, “Assessing no Child Left Behind” by David Hursh (2007), highlights the benefit of standardized tests. Hursh says that the tests increase accountability and competitiveness of U.S.’s educational system within the increasingly globalized economy. In general, based on the above articles, it becomes apparent that standardized tests form the topic of debate in various schools across the United States and that conclusive decisions must be made based on research.


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