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Influence Of Video Games On Children’s Health


Research paper on the influence of video games on children's health 


Title: Influence Of Video Games On Children’s Health
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Influence of Video Games on Children’s Health


This paper will discuss the influences the influences of video games on children’s health. The study will review literatures from previous studies conducted that are related to the well-being of children. A background study of the topic will be conducted and the main issues associated with the negative or positive influences of video games will be highlighted. The study will can be helpful for both parents and children since it might help to decide whether it is advisable for the children to play video games and other practice other activities related to video gaming. Proposed solutions to the problems that arise due to children’s exposure to such activities will also be discussed.

Key words: Video games, children’s health, parents, children’s exposure.


Technology has become deep rooted in the day to day lives of modern day human beings. Technological advancements over the years have led to the development of better, easy to use, and readily available materials. It is evident that, the way modern day children have fun and socialize is very different as compared to children of the late 20th century. In the past, children used to engage in physical outdoor activities such as bike riding, football or even swimming. Nowadays, very few children engage in such activities. Online chatting, video gaming and video calls are some of the ways adopted by current day children as a means to socialize with friends and family. Video gaming especially is one of the most used and addictive means of home based entertainment. Children and teenagers spend most of their time chatting and playing video games with strangers from around the world. The issue of video gaming and its contribution to the well-being of children has been a controversial debate because some people feel that video games negatively influence the children’s health while others feel that video gaming can positively influence a child’s performance.


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