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Ineffective Reactions


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Chapter 7

Ineffective Reactions

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There are always good and bad ways to respond to conflict and problem solving. It was very interesting to me to read about the different types of ineffective reactions. We all have likely done at least one of these reactions not thinking about how ineffective it would be. I know I have done them on more than one occasion. When confronting challenges in the workplace, it is so important to make sure you are doing so correctly or it could lead to further conflict or issues. The four ineffective reactions are relaxed change, relaxed avoidance, defensive avoidance, and panic.These are not just ineffective in the workplace, they are also ineffective in life in general for issues. Defensive avoidance while it may appear harmless, it only allows the issue to fester until one or more parties explode. Relaxed avoidance just involves the idea that nothing bad will happen so why bother fixing the problem. Relaxed change allows people to take the quickest solution with little risk. Lastly, panic is never good because instead of dealing with the problem rationally you are just trying to fix it and be done with it. As managers allowing this type of reaction for any issue is going to cause more stress for you and your employees in the future. We may believe that relaxed avoidance will work in the situation, but what if it does not and this employee walks out because they believe their issue was ignored. Overall, I really enjoyed this section because of how much it can relate to our business lives as managers, but also to our personal lives as problem solving adults.


Title: Ineffective Reactions
Length: 3 pages (825 Words)
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Ineffective Reactions

In a conflict, the parties involved have varying perceptions hence leading to a disagreement. Conflicts are natural occurrences and the involved parties should respond to them professionally and find solutions as soon as possible so as to avoid escalating the situation. Conflicts give an organization a chance to analyze itself and foster positive relationship with all stakeholders involved.


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