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In the first must include the definition in two sentence .

PART A: Summary of the reading

Read and take notes on the article ‘Doing development’ by Kate Simpson. This is one of the essential readings for week 9:

Simpson, K 2004, ‘“Doing development”: the gap year, volunteer-tourists and a popular practice of development,’Journal of International Development, vol. 16, no. 5, pp. 681-692

Write a 200-word summary of the reading that answers the following questions:

  • What is the central argument of the article?
  • What evidence does Simpson draw upon to support her key points?
  • According to Simpson, how do the gap year students’ reflections on poverty and luck demonstrate their limited critical engagement?
  • According to Simpson, what is problematic about the gap year industry’s construction of a “needy third-world other”?
  • What does Simpson propose in her conclusion?

Students must include the full bibliographic details of article in the La Trobe Harvard Style and quotations should be followed by in-text citations.

PART B: Summary of an additional researched source

Identify one of the key points of Simpson’s article that you will conduct further research into.  Choose a 1-4 sentence section of the reading that makes this point. You will need to find a scholarly source that relates to your chosen section. If there is a source referenced in this section you should search for it in the La Trobe library catalogue. If there is no reference in your chosen section, look through the bibliography of the article for a relevant source and then locate it using the library catalogue.You will write a 200-word summary of this source.

Above your summary, transcribe the 1-4 sentence section of Simpson’s article that you selected and include an in-text citation with a page number. Then, write 200 words about your researched source that answers the following questions:

  • What is the main argument?
  • How is it connected to the key point identified in the reading?
  • How does your researched source further your understanding of the key point? What new insights does it contribute?

Students must include the full bibliographic details of their researched source in the La Trobe Harvard Style and quotations should be followed by in-text citations.

Parts A and B should conform to the following presentation guidelines:

  • Type and print a hardcopy of your assignment
  • Please double-space your work
  • Please ensure your bibliography follows the La Trobe Harvard Style Guide available through the Academic Referencing Tool:
  • Use 12 pt font (Arial or Times New Roman)
  • Margins should be at least 2cm (top/bottom and left/right)

Title: Individualisation
Length: 1 pages (275 Words)
Style: MLA



Individualization is a decision taking theory with a proposition that the human identity is undergoing some level of transformation. During the transformation, the individual who has the responsibility of performing meets the consequences of his performance. In essence, this means that it creates a new relationship between the individual and the society in light of the general processes and feedback.


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