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Individual Report Lab 6



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Title: Individual Report Lab 6
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Individual Report


The aim of this experiment was to demonstrate the Law of Conservation of Mechanical energy. Accordingly, we studied the law of Conservation of Mechanical Energy by observing a ball and pendulum. Once we derive the Kinetic and Potential energies acting on a body, we can calculate the Mechanical Energy of that object. Notably, the Law of conservation of mechanical energy states that the mechanical energy of a body is constant as long as conservative forces working on it are constant and no other force affects the body (Friction).

This experiment will have a ball and a pendulum that will have the string as the pivot. The ball periodically moves to both extremes of the pendulum. This does not take into consideration the air resistance that the ball is facing since it is negligible due to the aerodrome shape the ball has. There are only two notable forces acting on the pendulum. These are tension and gravity. Tension does not work against the ball as it acts perpendicularly to the ball’s motion. If tension would act against the ball, it would certainly affect the mechanical energy. On the other hand, gravity is also an internal force and does not affect the mechanical energy of the ball. This is because it works downwards and not against the ball.


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